VIP Day:

Offer Activation

Launch your offer and attract dream clients who see the value of working with you through messaging that clearly positions you as the ONLY solution!

You’re clearly the expert at what you do!

You’ve spent hours learning your craft and developing your method to create an amazing offer that gets real results for  your clients. 

You know you have something special but you just wish others could see it too…

Even though you’re putting out content, your audience just doesn’t seem to get it yet.

You looking for the right words to communicate the impact of what you do in a way that will inspire your dream clients to work with you…

- and pay your prices!

I believe in your offer...

because I know you’ve created something special! The challenge is helping your dream clients realize it too.

That is exactly what I want to help you do: find the right words to position your offer as THE solution that your dream clients need to choose to reach their goals.

When you can activate the value of your offer, you can attract dream clients that are ready for your impact!

Let's activate your offer!

VIP Consulting and Copyediting w/ Blessing Santoro

Get clear on your messaging so you can start selling your offer—now!

Metamorphic Messaging Method™

Through my signature method, I’ll show you how to:

  •  Break down your content and messaging challenges
  • Build a clear understanding of your unique value and positioning
  • Develop a foundation for you to confidently share your message
—so that you can create content that inspires dream clients to work with you!

Let's break it down:

Own Your Worth

Recognize your impact, value, and voice and why dream clients get life-changing results with you—no matter the price!

Express Your Genius

Articulate what you do with accuracy and authenticity in your messaging to grow an audience that sees you as the ONLY option!

Create Your Connection

Activate your audience with a content strategy that empowers dream clients to see you as the expert, trust your offers, and choose to work with you!

With clear offer messaging, you will:

  • Share your new offer—without confusing your audience!
  • Covey the value of your offer—without sounding salesy or sleazy!
  • Expresses your expertise and positions you as the best solution!
  • Attracts dream clients who want to take action and work with you!

VIP Day: Offer Activation

45 Day Container of Support

Pre-VIP Day (Week 1)

VIP DAY (Week 2 – 3)

Post-VIP Day (Week 4 – 6)

I’ll help you skip over wondering where to start or what to say—so you can get your offer out there and bring in new clients! (aka saving you months of time and thousands of dollars in promoting your offer.)

Your value is worth every price!

Attract dream clients by positioning your value aka the reason why dream clients love to work with you!

I use this same concept to help my clients communicate their worth.

Sarah Rebecca
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I was stressed and overwhelmed when it came to my social media strategy and execution. But after working with her I was able to relax, find an effective plan, and actually do less with more results! Since working with her, I have had multiple client discovery calls and a request for a speaking engagement.
Kendra Callow
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Blessing helped me work through the frustration I had around my brand voice and messaging to give me a clearer direction. This process gave me the opportunity to be clear on the direction and voice that I wanted to use moving forward.
Aja Vancica
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She made what I felt was complicated, very simple and now I know what I can do to create copy that connects with my clients. She gave me strategies that are actually doable and that made me feel confident and excited to use the methods she suggested.
Hi, I'm Blessing

As a Messaging Matchmaker, I use words to help women-led businesses connect with their dream clients. 

With 7 years of agency and in-house marketing experience, I have served as a Consultant and Copywriter to six and seven-figure enterprises, helping them build effective branding and marketing strategies.

As CEO of Blissworks Brands, my goal is to bring these high-level strategies to the world of online women entrepreneurship.

I created the Metamorphic Messaging Method™ to empower my clients to discover, develop, and deliver authentic messaging that activates and attracts new clients.

Ready for your breakthrough?

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45 Day Container
  • Includes Copyediting Support

DFY Upgrade

45 Day Container
  • Includes (1) DFY Copywriting Project

Word of Advice:

Your impact is only as powerful as the words that express what you do.

Your value is only as clear as the message that shares who you are.

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I got 'em!


What questions/content can I bring?

Our VIP Day will focus on the messaging strategy around ONE offer and the copy on ONE item (such as an email sequence, a sales page, or a set of content.)

What if I have multiple things I would like you to look over?

Our VIP Day helps you gain clarity on the messaging strategy around your offer marketing. 

To get my eyes on all areas of your marketing, such as your launch and content strategy, check out 1:1 Consulting Services.

What if I want you to write for me?

Our VIP Day is a collaborative consulting opportunity to help you identify areas for improvement in your messaging and copy—this includes editing your writing.

For DFY Copywriting, check out our services.

Is there a course included?

No, however, fast-action clients will receive bonus access to a pre-work module to help get in the zone for our VIP Day.

Get in on the magic!

Check out how this process has worked for high impact online business owners like you.